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Drill Brushes

Try our fabulous Drill Brush and Pads Set for all your cleaning applications around the house. These are great brushes for the above average homeowner who wants to make cleaning more enjoyable and less difficult.

These Drill Brushes and Pads by Bring It On Cleaner turn boring tedious cleaning jobs into challenging and successful projects. Use your imagination and these brushes will most likely be able to assist you in your cleaning project. Check out this video

Great for Cleaning Tile and Grout, Cleaning Shower Pans and Tubs, Dirty Sinks, Cleaning Glass Stove Tops, Cleaning Baseboard and Floors, Cleaning Counter Tops and Dirty Cabinets, you name it, these brushes will do the job.


5 Inch Flat Brush

For all your flat horizontal and vertical surfaces       Tile & Grout, Brick, Stone, Tubs, Sinks, Fiber Glass

Corner Brush

For all your hard to reach places Corners and Edges, Around Faucets and Fixtures

Drill Pads

Use on Glass and Windows, Shower Doors, Tile & Grout, Sinks, Faucets, Hard Plastics

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Whenever you think about cleaning inside or outside, think how much more simplified the chore could be with these amazing, easy to use Drill Brushes. Get creative and use your imagination, these brushes and pads have no specific use, they're specifically used to make the job easier.

Use these drill brushes on just about everything


Indoor Uses

Windows, Shower Doors, Sinks, Tubs, Tile and Grout, Faucets and Fixtures, Carpet, Doors, Baseboard, Glass Stove Tops, Ovens.

The Flat Round Brush is recommended for tile and grout, tubs and shower pans, drains, indoor brick and stone.

The Drill Pads are great for many indoor uses, shower doors, tile and grout, sinks, toilets, baseboard, dirty interior doors, faucets, linoleum.

Outdoor Uses

Stone, Brick, Tile and Grout, BBQ's, Outdoor Furniture, Hard Plastics, Pots, Stained Cushions, Rust on Metal, Hot Tubs, Pool Tile.

The Flat Round Brush is recommended for most of your outdoor uses, the corner brush is used for everywhere your flat brush cannot reach. 

The Drill Pads are recommended for outside windows, car windshields, outdoor furniture, use with Bring It On Cleaner for faster and more effective results.

How to clean your tile and grout. www.bringitoncleaner.com

Cleaning with drill pads

Giving your tile a proper deep clean once every couple of month can add years to the life and look of you tile and grout lines. Understanding how the drill pads work and operate can greatly improve the over all results drill pad cleaning. Here is an example of how to operate the drill pads with specific tips for cleaning tile and grout.

Proper Cleaning with the Scrubbing Drill Pads

The Scrubbing Drill Pads come packaged with two red pads and two white pads.

Red Pads More Abrasive: Cleaning Tile and Grout, Tub, Sinks, Shower Pans, Linoleum

White Pads Less Abrasive: Cleaning Tile and Grout, Glass, Shower Doors, Baseboard, Fiberglass

The Drill Pads Set will cut down on your scrubbing time by more then half. What you want to do is attach the proper pad to the disk and the bit to the drill. Next, take your favorite cleaning product and apply it directly to the surface being cleaned. I recommend the Bring It On Cleaner for just about all your hard surfaces.

Now take the drill with the pad attached and smear the product around the surface before engaging the drill. This will help avoid the product being flipped around. Engage the drill slowly and then increase speed as the product becomes more thin.

If you are cleaning tile and grout, turn the drill on its side at about a 45 degree angle and apply pressure to the individual grout lines. This will really give the grout lines a good scrubbing. The Bring It On Cleaner unlike most products contains an oxygen bleach with will help pull stains from those lines.

When Cleaning other surfaces, try to work in sections. This will help conserve product and keep you from missing areas.